26th Edition, 2021

The International Federation of the Cinematographic Press, FIPRESCI, founded in the twenties by a handful of film journalists in Paris and Brussels and resurfaced after the war in 1946 at the Cannes festival with its first international jury, now has members in more than 60 countries around the world.
Thanks to the prestige of our award, the number of FIPRESCI juries has grown steadily over the past decades, and today we are represented in more than 80 international film festivals around the world every year.
More than a thousand films have been discovered and awarded over the past decades by our FIPRESCI juries in the most prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice or Toronto to the most fragile local events, fighting for their survival, but always with the same desire to promote and stimulate an original and personal cinema in all its forms and its diversity, and considering it an important element of culture and identity.
All of our award-winning films make an incredibly rich and fascinating catalog of world cinema, where masterpieces and iconic films from the history of cinema stand alongside the first films of filmmakers whose general public may have missed. never be heard of, and where we can find names that are “big” on one continent but completely unknown in another, always reflecting our fundamental aim of supporting cinema as an exceptional and independent art and medium of expression.
In addition to our regular awards given out throughout the year, we also present special awards: a “Grand Prize – Best Film of the Year”, chosen by our members; and the “Discovery Award”, for which we cooperate with the European Film Academy.
But we are also concerned about the future of our profession and reflect on the challenges that film criticism faces in a world of radical technological change where the written press itself is fighting today for its survival and offers less and less. less space for our contributions ,. . Thus, our way of thinking and working as a film critic is directly challenged by the rapid transformation of the media and our habits of watching films – crucial questions that we regularly address in conferences, panels and workshops.
We are grateful to the Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival and its president, Ahmed El Housni, for presenting a selection of outstanding films that received our award in 2019.

Barbara Lorey de Lacharrière
Critic and curator, in charge of promoting FIPRESCI award-winning films

  1. I accuse, Roman Polanski, France , 2019, 132’ [ INFO ]
  2. Lillian, Andreas Horvath, Austria, 2019, 130’ [ INFO ]
  3. The three sisters, Emin Alper , Turkey, 2019, 108’ [ INFO ]

Coup de coeur

26th edition, 2021

  1. The traitor, Marco Bellocchio, Italy – France – Germany – Brazil, 2019, 151’ [ INFO ]
  2. Madre, de Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Spain, 2019, 128’[ INFO ]