Tributes 2024

Vildan Atasever

A star from Anatolia

Famous with the television series “If the woman wants”, is the winner of the Golden Orange Award. Vildan Atasever was born on July 26, 1981 in Bursa, Erzurum into a family of 5 children. Vildan Atasever, whose father is a narcotics commissioner and his mother is a housewife, has 4 other siblings. He graduated from Bahçelievler Gürsoy College and started high school after some time, leaving here and transferring to Cihangir College. His desire to become a famous actor was also based on those years. He started playing as an amateur at the age of 15. After high school, he worked as a radio DJ and VJ in Best TV in the years he went to Open Education. Her recognition began when she became a web girl on the famous site of the time, He entered the theater when he met theater actor Çetin Etili. She rose to prominence in the television world with the character Nazlı Bekiroğlu in the television series Kurtlar Vadisi. In this series, she played the drugaddicted daughter of Hüsrev Ağa. Vildan Atasever, who got help from his father to work for the role, spent time with drug addicts at UMATEM, both supporting them and preparing for his role. Her big break was with the role of “Buket”, the daughter of Hülya Avşar in the TV series “Woman Wants”.

Subsequently, she participated in the productions of Azize, Picking Up a Girl on the Beach, Kader and Wounded Heart. She played Hülya Avşar’s daughter in her first feature film, directed by Kutluğ Ataman and adapted from Perihan Mağden’s novel “Two Young Girls”. He made his debut in the world of cinema with the film Two Young Girls, which earned him the Golden Orange. She received the “Best Actress Award” at the 42nd Antalya Film Festival for her role as a school-skipping young girl in the film. He says that Hülya Avşar, with whom he worked in this film, had a great contribution to get there. Melisa Sozen. He had a role in the TV series Night Sesleri which aired on Show TV. She starred in the TV series “Love in the Leading”, produced by Dimension Film, which aired on TRT 1.
In 2008, he shared the lead role with Ata Demirer in the film “Ottoman Republic” written and directed by Gani Müjde. In 2013, Hasan Kaçan, Şebnem Sönmez, Cezmi Baskin, Fırat Tanış, Vildan Atasever and Burak Satıbol starred together in the movie “Exile Cow”.

Isabella Ragonese

Italian attractiveness

One of the most important Italian actresses on the contemporary scene, Isabella Ragonese has worked with some of the most prominent authors of Italian cinema. Her film La Nostra Vita, starring together with Elio Germano, was presented in competition, with the best favor of the public and critics, at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. Ragonese has worked with directors such as Paolo Virzì, Mario Martone, Marco Tullio Giordana, Pupi Avati, Emanuele Crialese, Roberto Andò, Daniele Luchetti, Sergio Rubini and Valerio Mieli. Rosa – Il Canto delle Sirene is her directorial debut filmmaking.

Isabella Ragonese’s filmography

Nuovomondo, 2006, Emanuele Crialese

Tutta la vita davanti, 2008, Paolo Virzì

Viola di mare, 2009, Donatella Maiorca

Due vite per caso, 2009, Alessandro Aronadio

Dieci inverni, 2009, Valerio Mieli

La nostra vita, 2010, Daniele Luchetti

Il primo incarico, 2010, Giorgia Cecere

La sedia della felicità, 2014, Carlo Mazzacurati

Il giovane favoloso, 2014, Mario Martone

Una storia sbagliata, 2015, Gianluca Maria Tavarelli

Dobbiamo parlare, 2015, Sergio Rubini

Sole, cuore, amore, 2016, Daniele Vicari

Il padre d’Italia, 2017, Fabio Mollo

Mio fratello rincorre i dinosauri, 2019, Stefano Cipani

Lei mi parla ancora, 2021, Pupi Avati

Il giorno e la notte, 2021, Daniele Vicari

Yara, 2021, Marco Tullio Giordana

Il re, 2022, Giuseppe Gagliardi

Solo per passione – Letizia Battaglia fotografa, 2022, Roberto Andò

Rosa – il canto delle sirene, 2022, Isabella Ragonese

Come pecore in mezzo ai lupi, 2023, Lyda Patitucci

Il re, 2024, Giuseppe Gagliardi