Tetouan city

Light and Art

Located in the north-west of the kingdom, 10 km from the Mediterranean coast and at the crossroads of Euroupe-Africa exchanges, Tetouan with 380,800 inhabitants is the second economic and demographic pole of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region.

Steeped in history and cultures, Tetouan carefully preserves a rich tangible and intangible heritage: its medina, which has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, thanks to its exceptional heritage which is still intact, alongside with its traditions and craft arts which are still alive. It is also a city of cultural flourishing, it has many renowned establishments including the National School of Crafts and Arts founded in 1919 and the National Institute of Fine Arts, cradle of the “Tetouan pictorial school”, in addition to ‘an annual cultural agenda filled with events and festivals.

Artistic craftsmanship constitutes a major element of the city’s heritage identity, ultimately, with various activities which are beginning to take off again: Tetouanian Zellige, “Taajira” embroidery, weaving, inlaid and painted wood, goldsmith and ironwork of art are activities where the master craftsmen of Tetouan excel.

By its unique Andalusian music, jealously preserved by “El Haik Tetouani” and also developed in popular songs, thanks to the great master musician, Abessadak Chekara. Through the persistence of its costumes and the reputation of its artists, Tetouan has also been able to shape another component of its unique and authentic image.

The city is represented by a body elected by universal suffrage, the municipal council made up of 57 councilors and endowed with an executive board of 11 members, including the president of the municipal council.

Cultural institutes

Avenida Cinema Hall

Place Al Adala,
93000 Tétouan
Tél : +212 (0) 539965611

Teatro Español Cinema Hall

Avenue Mohamed Ben Larbi Torres,
93000, Tétouan
Tél : +212 (0) 539964329

Tetouan Cultural Center

Adresse : Av. Mouley el Abass
Tétouan 93000
Tél: +212 (0) 539962438

House of Poetry

Adresse : 2 rue Ben H’saïn, B.P. 41
Tétouan 93000.
Tél: (+212) 539 96 73 03

Cervantes Institute

3, Mohamed Torres, B.P. 754, 93000 - Tetuán
Tél 1: +212 (0)5 39 96 12 39
Fax: +212 (0)5 39 96 61 23


National Institute of fine arts

Adresse : Avenue Mohamed V, BP 89, Tétouan, Royaume du Maroc.
Tél. : 0539.96.15.45

E-mail: inba1945@yahoo.fr

Socio-cultural Center of the Med VI Foundation

Avenue Moulay El Abbas, Tétouan
Horaires : Fermé ⋅ Ouvre à 09:00 (mar.)
Téléphone : 05399-65930

Modern Art Center

Adresse : Avenue Al Massira, Tetouan 93000
Horaires: Du mardi au samedi
                  de 9h00 à 19h00
Tél : 0539718946

General Library and Archives

Adresse : 32, Avenue Mohammed V 93000 Tétouan‎

French institute

Tél : +212 (0)5 39 96 12 12


Cultural Space «Dar el oddi»

Derb Oddi. Médina-Tétouan-Maroc. 5,
Tél : 212 539 72 16 71


School of Arts and Crafts «Dar Sanaa»