26th Edition, 2021

Most of the festivals have been canceled for 2020 due to the health crisis, which may negatively affect the film industry in the very near future.

Faced with this unprecedented situation, the organizers of national (and international) festivals, worried about the disastrous consequences that cancellations could have on the future of their events, each tried to adapt to this crisis situation. and tried to find appropriate solutions. Thus, for example, several Moroccan festivals have preferred to transport their programming on the web or to broadcast films on YouTube. Others have turned to online platforms.

It is true that in exceptional situations, exceptional solutions must be found, and that the crisis we are experiencing today forces us to make choices, sometimes painful (suspension, postponement, reduction of programming, etc.). It is also true that we all have to adapt our practices to the new reality. However, we at the Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival have worked for almost four decades to educate our audience in cinematography, instilling in them the importance of the cinema as a space not only for watching films, but also for sharing. emotions, convivial encounters and cultural exchanges.

On this subject, and in close consultation with our partners, we believe that it is impossible for us to completely renounce the activities to which we have accustomed our public and moviegoers because of their habituation and their attachment to this lasting cinematographic event, which has become one of the most appreciated cultural and artistic heritages in Tetouan. Our main role is precisely to fight against the discouragement of people who are afraid to go to closed places such as cinema halls.

Consequently, and in spite of the health crisis, we intend to develop even more the educational function of the festival and to assert it more, to scaffold projects (projections, debates, round tables, workshops …) inciting our public, mainly young people, to reflect on the new problems and phenomena (social, health) that influence our daily lives.

With this in mind, and while waiting for things to return to normal, we have decided to organize the 26th edition from June 4th to 10th in virtual mode. This strategy prevents us from having to postpone the edition again.