Presentation of the FICMT 28th Edition

28th Edition, 2023

The gloom that the whole world has experienced during the long months of the pandemic has turned our lives upside down. All the cultural events which gave us joy and happiness were temporarily interrupted.

So it is high time to resume the path of our activities which will help us to find our dynamism and our well-being again. These are simple but effective rituals, like going back to movie theaters, recalling the energy, vitality and resilience of our early days.

The International Mediterranean Film Festival of Tetouan, like many other festivals around the world, held its previous edition virtually while many other festivals were simply postponed. Today, FICMT officials are working hard to present to their large audience an event that lives up to the aspirations of this International Festival and its almost 40-year history.

The International Mediterranean Film Festival of Tetouan is once again meeting its loyal audiences by organizing its 28th edition, which will take place from March 3 to 10, 2023. Reviving movie theaters will be a cure for celebration and fulfillment, not only by watching films, but also and above all by sharing and experiencing the most intense emotions, in a single collective body of film buffs, animated by the same mutual passion for friendly encounters and cultural exchanges.

On this subject, and in close consultation with our partners, we believe that it is time to reestablish the natural order of our life. Providing our audience of film buffs with the fun interesting activities that we have been putting in the scene of Moroccan and international film, and which has become over the years and editions, one of the most appreciated cultural and artistic heritages.

Our main duty is, precisely, to fight against discouragement and forgetfulness, by taking advantage of the decline of the pandemic to rekindle the flame and give life and hope to all those who have dedicated their existence to the 7th art.

Therefore, we intend to further develop the educational function of the festival and further confirm it, by proceeding through screenings, debates, round tables and workshops, thus encouraging our public, and mainly young people, to engage in the construction and strengthening of modern and civic values, which will lead our country on the path of prosperity and the consolidation of its many achievements, worthy of its millennial history.