Palestinian filmmaker Elya Suleiman will serve as the president of the jury for the 29th Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival.

Palestinian filmmaker Elya Suleiman has been appointed as the president of the jury for the official competition of the 29th Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival, which will take place from April 27th to May 4th.

Elya Suleiman is a world-renowned artist whose work has been widely acclaimed at major international film festivals. He notably won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002 for his film “Divine Intervention” and the Grand Prize at the Venice Film Festival in 1996 for his film “Chronicle of a Disappearance,” as highlighted by the organizers in a statement.

His unique cinematic style, blending seriousness with humor, engages audiences in intelligent and enjoyable ways, the statement continues. Thanks to his contributions, Elya Suleiman has brought great prestige to Palestine in the world of cinema, elevating Palestinian cinema to the highest levels of international critical acclaim, affirming that true art can transcend borders and illuminate the complexities of the human condition.

“This edition promises to be a window into the enchanting worlds of cinema, welcoming artists and film professionals from the Mediterranean region, while celebrating new Mediterranean cinematic creations, especially those that champion values of peace, justice, modernity, and civilization,” the statement concludes.