Joseph and I

Directors bios

Anthony Mizzi

Maltese/Icelandic, Anthony began his journey in theatre and filmmaking in Malta, starring in his first short film at 14. After earning a first-class merit in Liberal Arts from King’s College London, he pursued scriptwriting and directing. In 2019, he developed a script for Air Malta, leading to Blank Canvas Creatives in 2021. With Andrew and Angelique, Anthony produced commercials, documentaries, and short films. A versatile storyteller, he ventured into fashion, musicals, and NGO projects. Notably, he premiered his UNHCR documentary in 2019 and became a Social Impact Awards semi-finalist in 2021.

Angélique Muller

Born in Clermont Ferrand, France, Angélique relocated to Malta at 19, studying communications and cinema at the University of Malta. Her graduation film, Ward Sixty6, won the grand prize at the Mediterranean Short Film Festival in Tangier in 2006. Angélique earned a Master’s in screenwriting from Napier University, Scotland, in 2008. In 2011, she qualified as an assistant director from CEFPF in Paris, working in France and Malta, producing several shorts and features. Her film Johnny, Johnny was acquired by ARTE France in 2021, and her documentary Diacomédie premiered in France in May 2023, acquired by France 3 Auvergne.

Project’s poster


Amidst a bustling construction site, stands a desolate house, once the home of Joseph Calleia, the forgotten Maltese actor. As a young Maltese actor, a filmmaker, I sift through the remnants of his life, I ponder why his story and our cultural heritage have been neglected. With the house’s imminent demolition, I seek answers from those who remember him fondly and confront the indifference of institutions and society. In a country prioritizing profit over preservation, I reflect on our collective loss and the struggle to preserve our identity. While Joseph’s legacy fades into the backdrop of another boutique hotel, I am left questioning the priorities of a nation that claims to be a cinematic hub yet fails to honor its own history.



Country: Malta


Total estimated budget: 165 000,00 Dh