Preamble :

The Tetouan Mediterranean film festival is a cinematographic event that aims to promote the Mediterranean cinematography in a spirit of exchange, of sharing and of conviviality.

It was founded by the association “Amis de Cinéma de Tétouan” (Act) in 1987. The first editions were organized in the form of Cinema Encounters of Tetouan.

Since 2006, the TMFF is organized by the foundation of Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival.


    The 27th edition will take place

  • A new edition from March 11th to 18th 2022

2nd ARTICLE : The official program contains the following sections:

  1. Feature-length, fiction and documentary films competition.
  2. Special sessions: feature length fictions and documentaries.
  3. Tributes
  4. Guest of the Mediterranean
  5. Retrospective.
  6. Program “At the festival school”
  7. Screening “Children/young”
  8. International colloquium
  9. Workshop “The set” (Screenwriting)
  10. Round tables
  11. Off-wall projections

3rd ARTICLE : The films participating in the competitions (full-length and documentaries), special sessions, retrospectives should be in a DCP support.

4th ARTICLE : The films that can participate in the competition should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Should be produced in the last 12 months;
  • Should not have been commercially distributed or operated, with the exception of the Moroccan films ;
  • Should be directed by Mediterranean filmmakers;
  • Should not have been programed in any other Moroccan cinematographic event.
  • Should not have been broadcasted on the social networks ( Youtube, Streaming, Facebook, etc)

5th ARTICLE : The executive board of the festival is the only responsible of the selection of the films participating in the competition and the other sections.

6th ARTICLE : Once selected, no film could be withdrawn from the ongoing program of the festival.

7th ARTICLE : The films that are presented in the festival (Competition and other sections) must be in an original version and subtitled in French.

If the original version of the film is French, it must be subtitled in English.

8th ARTICLE : The online registration form, as well as the link of the proposed film should be sent to the festival at the latest by January 31st, 2022. It is desirable to send a DVD of the film after the registration. Those copies will be kept in the festival archives. The request should include: A technical file of the movie. A picture of the director. Poster and pictures of the film.

9th ARTICLE : The recommended deadline of the proposed films (Fiction and documentaries) is January 31st, 2022.

10th ARTICLE : The jury shall consist of international figures that are very reputed in the fields of cinema and arts.

Those participating in the production and the broadcasting of a film that is selected for the competition, cannot be part of the jury.

11th ARTICLE : The festival will award 9 prizes for the feature-length films and documentaries.

12th ARTICLE : The jury should certainly award the following prizes:


  • The Grand Prize of the city of Tetouan
  • Mohamed Reggab prize, special Jury
  • Azzedine Meddour prize for the first work
  • Best male actor prize
  • Best actress prize
  • Musthapha Mesnaoui prize, critic’s prize


  • Grand prize of the city of Tetouan
  • Special Jury prize
  • First work prize

13th ARTICLE : A tie prize will not be awarded.

14th ARTICLE : The foreign films are subject to the temporary import regime.
15th ARTICLE : The selected films should undertake to display the “Official Competition” logo of the Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival on all the advertising material.

16th ARTICLE : The selected movies should be made available to the Festival at the latest by January 31st, 20202.

17th ARTICLE : The copies of the selected films must be received by the only accredited forwarder (DHL) by the Tetouan Mediterranean film festival at the latest by February 11th, 2022.

18th ARTICLE : The transport fees of participating films shall be borne by the festival.

19th ARTICLE : The Festival insures copies of the films as soon as the reception. Liability of the festival shall terminate as soon as the resending of the films. In case of loss, the liability of the festival is engaged only within the limit of the indicated value by the producer on the admission form. In case of damage, the producer should send a certified invoice from a laboratory, within a time limit not exceeding one month after receiving the copy of the film.

20th ARTICLE : The executive board assumes the responsibility of ruling on the questions that are not established by this regulation.

21st ARTICLE : This regulation is drafted in Arabic. It is translated into French, English and Spanish.

The Arabic version shall form the basis for any litigation.

22nd ARTICLE : All Correspondence must be addressed to : The Tetouan Mediterranean film festiva Executive Office, BP 10 Tétouan Maroc Phone 212.39700210 Fax 212.39700210 E-mail : WebSite :

23rd ARTICLE :Taking part at the festival implies the acceptance of the present regulations and the preliminary respect of the conditions of pre-selection.

Foundation of the festival

The 27th edition of the International Festival of the Mediterranean Cinema of Tetouan will take place from March 11th to March 18th, 2022;

The registration of the films in the competition (Feauture-length and documentaries) and in the special sessions will be open until January 31st of 2021.

The selected films should be produced between 2021 et 2022; The subjects of the films should reflect the art, the culture and the Mediterranean spirit.
for any further information concerning the sections, feel free to contact :

Feature-length fiction: Ahmed Housni,
Documentary : Krimo Chiguer,
Short Film : Bazi Abdellatf,