I Accuse

France , 2019, 132’

Technical film summary

Direction : Roman Polanski –
Scenario : Robert Harris and Roman Polanski, based on the novel D. of Robert Harris
First assistant – Artistic direction : Jean Rabasse
Costumes : Pascaline Chavanne
Photography : Paweł Edelman
Sound : Lucien Balibar
Editing : Hervé de Luze
Music : Alexandre Desplat
Production : Ilan Goldman (Alain Goldman)


During the 12 years that it lasted, the Dreyfus Affair tore France apart, causing a real earthquake all over the world. In this immense scandal, the greatest doubtless of the end of the nineteenth century, the miscarriage of justice, the denial of justice and anti-Semitism mingle. The case is told from the point of view of Colonel Picquart who, once appointed head of counter-espionage, will discover that the evidence against Captain Alfred Dreyfus had been fabricated. From that moment on, at the risk of his career and his life, he will never cease to identify the real culprits and to rehabilitate Alfred Dreyfus.

Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski (born Raymond Roman Liebling) spent his childhood in Poland. Escaping the ghetto of Krakow, he loses his mother in the camps and will not see his father again until after the war. This trauma and lack of affection will mark his entire work. In the 1950s, he toured several films and entered the Lodz film school where he directed several short films. In 1962, he directed his first feature film, Le Couteau dans l’eau. Nominated for the Oscar for the best foreign film, the film allows Polanski to go to England where he directs, among others the horror comedy The Vampire Ball. these many critical and commercial successes allowed him to make his first Hollywood film in 1968, the fantasy thriller Rosemary’s Baby. In 1974, his film Chinatown received 11 Oscar nominations. He returned to success in 2002 with his film The Pianist, which won him the Palme d’Or at Cannes.