Bio du réalisateur

Mohamed Ali ESSAGHRAOUI is a Moroccan filmmaker and cinematographer, holding a master’s degree in documentary film. He has worked on various projects with renowned professionals. Known for his work as a focus polar and Director of Photography (D.O.P), The Headless is his debut feature film as a director.

Affiche du projet


The headless is a long feather observational documentary that delves into the intricacies of the relationships between, Sanae, Lhimar and Aziz, the last masters of an enigmatic traditional show. Beyond being connected through their roles in the show; our three characters are also deeply entangled in a nomadic existence that embraces the allure of constant movement. In this universe, moments of solitude and rebellion punctuate their path, adding depth and complexity to their fight for existence. Day after day, the tension between them grows as they struggle to make ends meet from the show, their primary source of sustenance and purpose. Yet, they are willing to go to great lengths to keep the show going, sacrificing their own comfort and security for the sake of their art.



Country: Morocco

Email: mohamed.ali_05@hotmail.com

Total estimated budget: 117 787.00 Dh