Palestine – Iceland – Luxembourg, 2019, 92’

technical film summary

Production : Najwa Najjar –
Scenario : Najwa Najjar –
Interp. : Mouna Hawa, Firas Nassar –
Producer : Hani Kort, Adrien Chef, Paul Thiltges, Fahad Jabali –
Production : PTD Studio, Oktober Films, Ustura Films (PS)


Their divorce promises to be quick, clean and easy. The biggest difficulty in Salma and Tamer’s case does not appear to be the division of assets or their arguments in public, but rather crossing the Israeli border. They have lived in Palestine for five years, but need to go to Salma’s homeland to do their business and dust it off. Fortunately, Tamer gets a three-day pass, but when the soon-to-be ex-couple reach court, things get tough. The information about Tamer’s late father doesn’t match. He was a famous writer and activist, killed decades ago, but according to the Israeli database he is still alive and has a son – called Tamir, not Tamer.

Najwa Najjar

Najwa Najjar was born to a Palestinian mother and Jordanian father, her grandparents were forced to leave Palestine 1948. She has been making documentaries and fiction films since 2000. Her first fiction film Grenades et myrrh (2008 ) has won multiple awards and has been shown at over 70 festivals. Eyes of a Thief (2014), was an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film in 2015 and for the Golden Globe Awards. Between Heaven and Earth, won Best Screenplay at the Cairo Festival. Najwa Najjar has also directed numerous short films: Le chant de Yasmine (2006), Naim and Wadeea (2000), Quintessence of Oblivion (2001), Blue Gold (2004), A Boy Called Mohamad (2002), and They came from the East which opened the European Academy Awards in 2004.