Before the Dying Light

Morocco ,72’

Technical Film Summary

Direction : Ali Essafi
Editing : Chaghig Arzoumanian
Sound Editing : Kinda Hassan
Mixing : Jean Marc Schick »L’Atelier Sonore«
SFX / Generic : Mohamed Slaoui Andaloussi
Research Archives : Ali Essafi, Mohamed Sammouni, Touda Bouanani, Khadija Alaoui
Production : Cinemaat Productions, 2M, Les Films du Passage, Laterit Productions


In Morocco, the seventies were the last time when struggles and dreams for change were an issue. They are also known as the “years of lead” because of the violent repression that came along with them. This is most importantly the period which knew the best of the artistic and cultural production, made by the first generation of moroccan post-colonial artists. Through a socio-political drama Our dark 70s” exhume the archives of the great creativity that this atmosphere of revolt had succeeded in setting free. A creativity of an era that has long been censored or marginalized.

Ali Essafi

Born in Morocco, Ali Essafi studied psychology in France, then entered the world of filmmaking. His works as a director include «General, here we are», «The Silence of the beet fields», «Ouarzazate Movie» and «Shikhat’s Blues» which have been widely screened on the international circuit. Returning to Morocco he embarked on lengthy research on the north-african film & visual archives. These have been transformed into films and installations. His last film « Crossing the Seventh Gate » was premiered at the Berlinale (Forum) in 2017.