At the dawn of our dreams


Technical Film Summary

Direction : Emna Mrabet
Image : Emna Mrabet
Editing : Laureline Attali, Emna Mrabet, Michaël Bode
Sound : Nicola de Marinis, Agathe Thury
Production : Clockwork, Tunisia, France
Diffusion/ Distribution : Clockwork


This film proposes a trip to post revolutionary Tunisia trough the word and story of youth, of his hopes, his fears, his disappointments. «A l’Aube de nos rêves» is emerging as a lighting on the news of this country initiator of what we named «Arab springs». Eight years after the revolt of january 2011, what is left of this vast wind of ehthusiasm and hope breathed in all citizens.

Emna Mrabet

Emna Mrabet grew up in Tunisia before pursuing her higher education in France. Holder of a Masters degree in Film Studies, she directed two films around the theme of uprooting: “Words of exiles” and “Absence”.
“At the Dawn of our dreams” is her latest documentary film which offers a trip to post-revolutionary Tunisia through the words and the story of a youth, of its hopes, its fears, its disillusions. She has been selected in several festivals: Panorama of Maghreb and Middle Eastern Cinemas, Nuit Blanche (Ukraine), Blois History Rendezvous, Documentary Film Month, Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival.
Author of the book “Abdellatif Kechiche’s Cinema: Premisses and Becoming (Riveneuve 2016)”. She is also a university professor, researcher and critic, and collaborates regularly with the french cinema.