The Wachma review

The idea of ​​publishing a film review focusing on Mediterranean cinema had been germinating in the minds of the founding members of ACT since 1985. The 1st issue appeared just towards the end of this year on typed paper. At that time, the country knew of the publication of at least three or four journals and magazines specializing in the film industry. The daily newspapers periodically published film chronicles and readings of films or film sequences.

Even today, Morocco still has a large number of critics, academics and researchers in the film industry. Unfortunately, they can no longer find a space where they can publish their texts. The more intrepid publish self-authored essays. But this situation is proven to be precarious and costly. Because in addition to the high cost of self-publishing, these writers are faced with a lack of readership.

Our societies are now experiencing profound transformations in the way they consume and receive them. The Internet, social networks and blogs facilitate access to films and open up spaces for exchange, debate and publication that are quick and accessible to a diverse audience. Consequently, criticism on paper (journals, magazines or newspapers) increasingly loses its prestige and influence, leading to the death of journals and magazines.


  1. Number (n°15)