The shoemaker – The beginning

Director’s bio

Tawfik Baba

Tawfik Baba is a filmmaker based in Ouarzazate city, in Morocco. He studied French literatures at the university; then studied Directing and screenwriting skills at the French School of Arts and Medias STUDIO M in Casablanca. He also studied Spanish Language and Accountancy. He wrote and directed his first short Epitaph in 2013, Four short films: Winter time, Sand man, Routine, Clowns. He wrote and directed his first Feature: Oliver Black released in 2020.

Project’s poster


Far away, far away, beyond all sorts of countries, seas and rivers, stands a camp in the heart of the desert where Hashem acts as an executioner. In his spare time, he makes beautiful shoes. He loves Kalthoum, wants to give her the most beautiful shoes ever. On the wedding day, she is arrested for treason, and sent to Hashem who tortures her, and she ends up in a mental institution. Hashem tortures himself and enters the asylum, to give her the shoes. But the shoes fit someone else.


Ismail Ait Lahcen


Country: Morocco


Total estimated budget: 17 333 732.50 Dh