Stitches (Šavovi)

Serbie, Slovénie, Croatie, Bosnie-Herzégovine 2019; 97’

Technical Film Summary

Director : Miroslav Terzić –
Scenario : Elma Tataragić –
Cinematography : Damjan Radovanovic –
Editing: Milena Z. Petrović –
Sound: Srdjan Bajski –
Music: Aleksandra Kovač –
Producers : Snežana Bogdanović ; Marko Petrić


When seamstress Ana places a cake on the kitchen table, her adolescent daughter Ivana just shakes her head and turns away. Her husband Jovan also wants her to drop the subject. With this gesture, Ana celebrates the birthday of her son who, according to the hospital, died immediately after he was born. He would be 20 years old now. Ana shares the fate with many other Serbian women and believes she had her newborn child stolen from her so the infant could be given up for illegal adoption for money. A new clue gives Ana reason to hope again. A few years ago, an outrageous scandal came to light in Serbia; a scandal whose resolution is still ongoing because the authorities continue to stonewall the investigation. In thousands of cases of systematic child theft over several decades, hospitals are said to have sold newborn babies with the help of a clandestine.

Miroslav Terzic

Belgrade-born Miroslav Terzic graduated with a degree in International Law from the University of Belgrade. For his Bachelor Degree, he studied at the Belgrade Academy for Film & Drama, Belgrade University. Since 2000, he worked as a freelance artist, director and screenwriter. Outside of film work. he cooperated with the biggest advertising agencies in the region (including Media Plus, Leo Burnett, Oghilvy & Mather, Spectra, Kreativa, Incognito, etc.) for some of their main advertising campaigns. He made his debut with the political thriller Redemption Street (2012). He then moved on to the dramatic thriller Stitches (2019), which premiered at the Panorama Berlinale and most recently performed in Karlovy Vary.