Steppe, Bozkir

technical Film Summary

Director : ALİ ÖZEL –
Scenario : ALİ ÖZEL –
Image : Ümit Çakmaksoy –
Music : Hüseyin Özel –
Interp. : Ahmet Özel, Hakan Emre Ünal, Mücahit Koçak, Ozan Dağara, Elif Aydın.


An ongoing dam project requires the evacuation of Ahmet and the village of his nephews.But Ahmet, a recluse whose world revolves around his house and the garden where his wife is buried, refuses to move into a new house despite the insistence of his nephews. Not wanting to leave Ahmet behind, the nephews ask his distant son, Harun, to come to the village to take his father away. However, this reunion between a father, who thinks his son blames him for the death of his wife, and a son, who could not prevent his father from burying his mother in the garden won’t be easy. Harun can’t bear to leave his mother underwater and offers to move the grave. Although against the idea, Ahmet does not have the strength to argue otherwise and ends up reluctantly agreeing. The waters of the dam die.

Marco Bellocchio