Short Films – Partnership with the Italian Short Film Center/Turin

Founded by the A.I.A.C.E. Nazionale, historical cultural association that works for the promotion of cinematographic culture, the Italian Short Film Center, since 2007, to the present day has promoted the Italian short format on the international scene. Born as an archive and a film library, while preserving thousands of works and documents, it has adapted year after year to the constant and rapid evolution of the entire supply chain of the audiovisual world. The short film being a format that by nature anticipates the cinema of tomorrow, it often contains within it what will happen to production, distribution, content and form. Alongside the historic initiatives that are relaunched and adapted year after year, the CNC carries out on a daily basis a great and important work of location, inventory and organization of the national production of short footage. It also relates to the most diverse realities around the world that have always recognized it as the main contact for Italian short films. To stay constantly updated on the present and to be part international debate, since 2016 the CNC has been organizing the Talent and Short Film Market (until the last edition, the Turin Short Film Market), the main industry event in Italy dedicated to the short format in all its variants. Today the Market is part of Torino Film Industry together with Film Commission Torino Piemonte and Torino Film Lab.Parallèlement aux initiatives historiques qui sont relancées et adaptées année après année , le CNC réalise au quotidien un grand et important travail de repérage, de recensement et d’organisation de la production nationale de courts métrages. Il se rapporte également aux réalités les plus diverses du monde entier qui l’ont toujours reconnu comme l’interlocuteur principal des courts métrages italiens. Pour rester constamment à jour sur le présent et faire partie du débat international, depuis 2016 le CNC organise le Marché des talents et du court métrage (jusqu’à la dernière édition, le Marché du court métrage de Turin), le principal événement de l’industrie en Italie consacré au format court dans toutes ses variantes. Aujourd’hui, le Marché fait partie de Torino Film Industry avec Film Commission Torino Piemonte et Torino Film Lab.

Short films - partnership with the Italian Short Film Center / Turin

  1. Creatura, By Giada Bossi, France, Italy, 2021, 18’
  2. DISTANZIA, By Lena Rumy, Italy, 2022, 7’
  3. Don’t Eat Those Cassatinas, By Martin Alan Tranquillini, Italy, 2022, 4’23
  4. Flores del Precipicio, By Andrea Gatopoulos, Italy, 2022, 10’
  5. Raices / Roots By Maddalena Brozzi, Laura Cagnoni, Sara Moschini, Italy, 2022, 7’34”