New Mediterranean films compete for the Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival awards

Twelve feature films are competing for the prizes of the 27th edition of the Mediterranean Film Festival of Tetouan, which will be held from May 10 to 17, and they happen to be all unreleased films.

The films in the running for the fiction feature competition are: “Abou Seddam” by Egyptian director Nadine Khan, “Algharib” by Syrian Ameer Fakher Eddin, “Destello Bravio” by Spanish director Ainhoa ​​Rodriguez, “Kerr” by Turkish director Tayfun Pirselimoglu, “The Sea Ahead” by Lebanese Ely Dagher, “Habiba” by Moroccan director Hassan Benjelloun, “The World After Us” by French Louda Ben Salah Cazanas, “Blue Moon” by Romanian director Alina Grigore, “Gadeha, a second life” by Tunisian Anis Lassoued, “Piccolo Corpio” by Italian Laura Samani, “Huda’s Salon” by Egyptian Hany Abu-Assad and “Vera dreams of the sea” by Kosovar director Kaltrina Krasniqi.

These new Mediterranean films, produced in 2021, compete in front of the feature film fiction jury and the Critics’ jury named after the late Moroccan writer and film critic Mustapha Mesnaoui.

For the documentary competition, the films on the program are: “The measure of things” by the Belgian Patrick Jean, “Beirut, the eye of the storm” by the Palestinian Mai Masri, “Seis dias corrientes” by the Spanish Neus Ballus, ” Iles”, co-directed by Karine de Villers (director of Ecuadorian origin) and Mario Brenta from Italy, “Captain’s of Za’atari” by Egyptian Ali El Arabi, “Postcard” by Moroccan Asmae El Moudir , “Summer pack” by Moroccan Ballal Salem and “Nous” by French director of Senegalese origin Alice Diop.

Out of competition, and in the Favorites section, six films are on the program: “Autumn of apples” by Moroccan Mohamed Moftaker, “Mediterraneo” by Spanish Marcel Barrena, “Costa Brava Lebanon” by Lebanese Mounia Aki, “A bookstore in Paris” by Italian Sergio Castellito, “Zanka contact” by Moroccan Ismaël El Iraki and “4 seasons” (4 short films) by Moroccan Imad Badi.

Still out of competition, in the White Card section and in collaboration with FIPRESCI (International Federation of Cinematographic Press), four new Mediterranean films, recently produced, will be presented to the public; “200 Meters” (produced in 2020) by Palestinian Ameen Nayfek, “Brother’s Keeper” by Turkish Ferit Karahan, “Feathers” by Egyptian Omar Zohairy and “Re Grancho” by Ilalians Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo Zopis. These three films were produced in 2021.