Girl of wind

Director’s bio

Moufida Fedhila

Moufida Fedhila is a Tunisian director and screenwriter. Her film Aya was selected at many festivals, winning numerous awards, including the Golden Tanit at the Carthage Film Festival, and was acquired by Netflix in 2022. She produced awardwinning films selected in prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, and Zurich. Her production Streams (2021) premiered at the Locarno Film Festival and was rewarded with numerous awards worldwide, such as Best Film, Director, and Screenplay. A distinguished jury member at the Cairo International Film Festival, her impact extends to the Tunisian artistic scene and academic studies, including publications at Columbia University.

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In a slum neighborhood in Tunis, Aya, a veiled teenager, secretly cultivates her passion for skateboarding in the affluent suburbs while living with her mother, Myriam, in an environment dominated by Salafist rigorism. Aya’s seventeenth birthday marks the unexpected return of her father, Youssef, a former jihadist battling terminal cancer, after a lengthy absence. Despite the risks, Myriam and Aya hide him. Myriam is torn: should she denounce Youssef or protect her daughter Aya? Is there any hope for reconciliation? However, Youssef’s secret is ultimately revealed, alerting the police. Against all odds, Aya makes a lifechanging decision, altering her family’s fate irreversibly.


Mehdi Hmili


Country: Tunisia


Total estimated budget: 9 500 000.00 Dh