Fleur des sables

Director’s bio

Jaouad Babili works in Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa as a director and reporter for several Arab TV channels. His cinematographic approach in the documentary as in fiction is borrowed from poetry and is experienced as a liberation from the journalistic style.

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Following the destruction of illegal fishing boats, «Oummi Zahra» a woman in her fifties, decided to create a small café in the midst of «LASSARGA» a fishing village near the city of Dakhla in southern Morocco. Soon, «Oummi Zahra» café becomes the focal point of the village, where various professions related to the sea intersect, fostering new social bonds. «Oummi Zahra» stands out as a woman challenging circumstances in a predominantly male-dominated environment, adding complex social dimensions to an already intricate backdrop.



Country: Morocco

Email: babili.jaouad@gmail.com

Total estimated budget: DH