El Dorado

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Andrea Magnani

Andrea Magnani, born in Rimini, Italy, started as a screenwriter in 2002, focusing on Italian TV series. He attended the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2003 after winning the Solinas Screenwriting Award. Transitioning to directing, his debut film Easy (2017) premiered at the 70th Locarno Festival, garnering 2 David di Donatello Awards nominations. His second feature, Jailbird (2022), received acclaim at festivals including the 26th Black Nights Tallinn Film Festival and the 40th Torino Film Festival. Magnani, residing between Trieste and Rome.

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Edmondo «Mondo,» once a successful disco owner in Rimini, faces the consequences of a life built on deceit. With his assets seized, and only his dog Sin and a failing prostate, Mondo embarks on a reflective journey across the city. This quest forces him to confront his past, including debts, betrayals, and a newly discovered daughter, Esperanza. In this journey, Mondo realizes that his true failures lie within himself, not others. Ultimately, estranged and homeless, he finds solace in forming an unconventional family with Esperanza and an adopted son, Archimede, discovering his real treasure in the relationships he rebuilds.


Chiara Barbo


Country: Italy

Email: info@pilgrimfilm.it

Total estimated budget: 16.500.000,00 Dh