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Dima Hamdan

Dima Hamdan is a Palestinian filmmaker and journalist based in Berlin. She directed several short films since 2009. Her latest film, Blood Like Water, was shot in Bethlehem in 2022 and premiered at the Galway Film Festival. Her debut feature project, Amnesia, won the Grand Prize at the Atlas Ateliers in 2023.

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One night in Ramadan, a man wakes up and finds himself in the middle of a road. He has amnesia. “The Man” wanders into a mosque, and pleads with the men there for help. One of them, Abed, accompanies him on a journey to retrieve his memory. Halfway across town, Um Firas, a grieving mother, decides to get rid of her dead son’s clothes. Firas committed suicide a year ago without an explanation, casting a dark shadow on her life and marriage.
“The Man” and Um Firas will cross paths. Their encounter will set in motion a chain of events that will plunge the whole town into a crisis. On that night, life and death choices must be made.


Tony Copti

Tony Copti


Country: Palestine


Total estimated budget: 8 100 000.00 Dh