A tale of a feather and a fish

Director’s bio

Ahmed El-Hawarey is a Director, Writer and film Editor. He graduated in 2009
from the Film Institute, Directing Department with a superior grade. In addition
to a lot of documentary films, he spent the duration from 2006 to 2014 working directing short films affiliated with United Nations programs. In addition to editing documentary films, Hawarey was the editor of the feature film Al-Qott 2015.

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A family struggles with a rare genetic disease, transmitted by women. Nagat and Fouad lose two sons because of this disease, which also causes the paralysis of their third son, Mahmoud. Fouad returns home after working abroad for some time, tormented and abusing drugs. He blames Nagat for their son’s fate, remaining obsessed with death. Meanwhile, Mariam, Nagat’s niece, takes care of her sister Laila, hiding the fact that she carries the same disease. Pregnant by a violent partner, Mariam, who self-flagellates, chooses abortion. Despite their dedication, Nagat and Mariam feel they live in disgrace. Meanwhile, they seek healing alongside Fouad. Their struggle, in pursuit of possible salvation, intersects with that of Mahmoud and Laila.



Country: Egypt

Email: ahmedalhawary@ymail.com

Total estimated busget: 6 424 640. 00 Dh