Between the two of us… Marseille

Director’s bio

Dima Al-Joundi, Franco-Lebanese, born in Beirut, graduated from INSAS in Brussels. In 1993, she directed her first documentary Entre nous deux… Beyrouth, followed by others. Working in Sri Lanka for two years, she returned to Lebanon in 1999 to establish Crystal Films with Cinéart-Belgium. A pioneer of the first Europa Cinéma in the Middle East, she distributed over 25 Euro-Mediterranean films. With over 10 documentaries and 5 feature films produced in Europe and MENA, and more than 10 documentaries directed, she relocated to Marseille, France in 2022.

Project’s poster


In 1993, I directed my first documentary Between Us Two Beirut, expressing my post-civil war fears and my feeling of strangeness as a citizen of the world. After six years, I returned to Lebanon in 1999, rebuilding my life. In 2019, faced with an aborted revolution and Lebanon’s descent into hell, I made the difficult decision to leave for Marseille. Between Us Two… Marseille explores exile, war, reunions, and endless departures. My first film will inspire my new project, seeking to enrich a universal reflection on exile and return.



Country: Lebanon – France


Total estimated budget: 421,000 €