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Prize list of the 25rd edition

Feature-length and Documentaries competition


The two competitions of the 25rd edition of the Med Cinema Festival of Tetouan have been distinguished by the projection of films premieres. 23 films (feature-length and Documentaries) were in competition for the 9 prizes and 9 trophies awarded by the Festival.

Three juries (Feature-length, Documentaries and Critic’s jury), composed of academics and critics, were responsible of choosing 9 winners (films, actresses and actors).

The prize list was welcomed by the journalists, the guests and the public. It was as follows:


Tamouda award

The Grand Prix of the city

The vice of hope

Edoardo De Angelis


Mohamed Rekkab award

Jury’s special award


Guillaume Giovanetti, Çağla Zencirci

France, Turkey, Luxembourg, Germany

Azzeddine Meddour award

first work award


Bassam Jarbawi

Palestine, USA, Qatar

Best Actress award


Pina Turco

The vice of hope

Edoardo De Angelis


Best Actor Award

Ziad Bakri


Bassam Jarbawi

Palestine, USA, Qatar

Feature-length Prize List

Mustapha Mesnaoui award

Critic’s award

awarded by Groupe Akher Saa


de Bojan Vuletic

(Serbie, Bulgarie, Macédoine, Russie, France)

Documentaries prize list

The Grand Prix of the city

Jury’s special award

First work award

You come from far away

Amal Ramsis, Egypt - Lebanon - Spain - Qatar

Vostok N°20

Silveiro Elisabeth


 Trajectroy Drift

  Castiñeiras Gallego Iván


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Feature-length films competition

1. Pause (Pafsi), Tonia Mishiali, Cyprus, Greece, 2018,96’

2. The day I lost my shadow, Soudade Kaada, Syria, Lebanon, France, Qatar, 2018

3. Sibel, Guillaume Giovanetti, Çağla Zencirci, France, Turkey, Luxembourg, Germany, 2018, 95’

4. The reports on Sarah and Saleem, Muayad Alayan, Palestine, 2018, 127’

5. The Guest, Hadi Bajouri, Egypt, 2018, 99’

6. The waiter, Steve Krikris, Greece, 2018, 95’

7. Our battles, Guillaume Senez, France, Belgium, 2018, 98’

8. Endless, César Esteban Alenda, José Esteban Alenda, Spain, 2018, 96’

9. The vice of hope, Edoardo De Angelis, Italy, 2018, 108’

10.  The 3M unfinished stories, Sâad Chraibi, Morocco, 2018,120’

11. Screwdriver, Bassam Jarbawi, Palestine, USA, Qatar, 2018, 108’

12. Ultimate Revolt,Jilali Ferhati, Morocco, 2018 , 94’



1) Trajectroy Drift, Castiñeiras Gallego Iván, Spain, 2018, 24’

2) The chariot and the olive tree, another story of Palestine, Roland NURIER, France, 2018, 92’

3) The silence of the others, Almudena Carracedo & Robert Bahar, Spain - USA, 2018, 95’

4) The Islam of my childhood, Nadia Zouaoui, Algeria - Canada, 2018, 87’

5) Sacrifice, Eyad aljarod, Syria,2018, 96’

6) You come from far away, Amal Ramsis, Egypt - Lebanon - Spain - Qatar, 2018, 84’

7) Vostok N°20, Silveiro Elisabeth, France, 2018, 50’

8) We will not sell our future, Velissaropoulou Niki, Greece, 2018, 52’

9) The Flying Friar , Boric Davor, Croatia, 2018, 50’

10) Away We Go, Hammami Alaeddin - Muhammad Jbehi, Tunisia, 2018

11) Counting Tiles, Choucair Cynthia, Lebanon, 2018, 87’


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Guests of honor Coup de cœur

The Austrian doctor Martin Boltrum dedicated his life to find new ways of treatment, before discovering that the Cinema is the best treatment to heal the injuries and the agonies of the humanity, to answer the outstanding questions, or to ask new necessary questions, sometimes, and to continue enjoying life. And for that, Boltrum changed his clinic to a movie theater and started projecting films every day. This doctor reminds us of the Egyptian actor Karim Abdel Aziz, in the film “The blue elephant’”, where he plays the role of the doctor “Yahya Rached”. Karim Abdel Aziz, in all his films, since his childhood, has this magic ability to awaken and to purify our feelings, to ingeniously subdue our emotions, strengthening our spirits, and making us falling in love with life. Long time ago, a doctor was called a magician, we can call him an actor nowadays.  ...

Outre les films palestiniens, quatre films seront projetés dans la rubrique « Coup de cœur » ; il s’agit des films : La bataille d'Alger, un film dans l'histoirede Malek Bensmaïl(Algérie), Voyage autour de la chambre d’une mèrede Celia Rico Celia Rico Clavellino (Espagne),Roses empoisonnéesd’Ahmed Fawzi Saleh (Égypte) et Regarde-moi de NéjibBelkadhi(Tunisie).

RETROSPECTIVE Films marocains primés au FCMT cinéma palestinien a l'honneur

1- The mosque/ A Jamaa, Daoud Oulad Seyed 2010, 86’

2- Burned hearts, Ahmed El Maanouni 2007, 84’

3- House in the Fields, Tala Hadid 2017, 86’

4- Detained memory, Jilali Ferhati, 2004, 94’

5- A death to sell, Faouzi Bensaidi, 2011,  117’

6- Times of comrades, Mohamed Chrif Tribak, 2009,  97’

7- The forgotten of the history, Hassan Benjelloune, 2010, 105’


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• Screwdriver, Bassam Jarbawi 2018, Palestine- USA- Qatar, 108’



• Villa Touma, Souha Arraf, Palestine, 2014, 85’



• Emwas: Restoring Memories, Dima Abu Ghosh, Palestine, 2017, 52’

• Trip Along Exodus, Hind Shoufani, 2015, Palestine - Lebanon- Syria, 120 ’



• Bonbone, Rakan Mayasi, Palestine - Lebanon, 2017, 15’

• The Pipe, Sami Zarour, 2018, 10’

• Area C, Salah Abu Nimah, 2018 , 09’49

• The Parrot, Darin J Salam, Palestine, 2016, 18’

• The Living of the Pigeons, Baha Abu Shanab, Palestine, 2015, 16’



Creative Interruptions, Projects on the archives of the revolutionary Palestinian Cinema.

• The Flower of all Cities, Ali Siam, 1969, 7’

• Palestine in the Eye, PLO Film Unit - Mustafa Abu Ali, 1976,28’

• The Urgent Call for Palestine , Ismail Shammout, 1973,5’

• Glow of Memory, Ismail Shammout, 1972, 12’

• Palestinian Identity, KassemHawal, 1983, 40’

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