The Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival’s Foundation holds its board of directors and elects a new executive committee

On December 24th, 2021, the ordinary executive board session of the Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival’s Foundation was held. All members of the Board, alongside with local, regional and national partners and collaborators were present.  During this council, moral and financial reports of the 26th session, which had been organized remotely between June 4th and 10th of 2020, were discussed and approved.

The Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival’s Foundation renewed its structures and welcomed new members, full of energy and rich in various skills and know-how, the Board of Directors approved the membership of Ahmed Mjidou as the new executive director of the Foundation and Abdelkrim Chiguer, head of the documentary films division. The Board also renewed its confidence in Ahmed El Housni as President of the Festival Foundation, Mohamed Bouissef Rekab as Vice-President of the Foundation, Sarah Regragui as Deputy Executive Director, Driss Skaika as Treasurer, Abdelkrim Ouazzani as Artistic Director and Abdellatif ElBazi in charge of cultural partnerships and publications.

The President of the Festival’s Foundation, Mr. Ahmed El Housni, presented the initial program of the 27th edition of the festival, which will be organized from March 11th to 18th, 2022, and stopped at the different stages of the future edition. The president mentioned the names proposed for the tributes as well, considering that it is about time we return to our old rituals and manifestations, which are the source of our vitality and joy.

The president also underlined that the return to Cinemas and film halls is not merely the act of watching films, but more so the creation of a safe loving space for exchange and for film lovers to resist to a deadly virus that has jostled us and thrown us into the soulless world of the digital wave that has been suffocating us for two years.