Press release

The 26th edition of the Mediterranean film festival will take place from June 4th to June 10th of 2021 in digital format.

The essence of art is Sharing, that of cinema is Encounter. Unfortunately, for more than 17 months, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the entire planet to its knees, frustrating humans with the pleasure of meeting. All areas of our life have been deeply affected, especially the film industry. Movie theaters are closed, shootings are suspended and festivals forced either to postpone their editions or to invent solutions to save their editions.

To cope with this almost inextricable situation, it was therefore necessary to react quickly in order to save the cinema and preserve the link between festivals and their audiences. Several initiatives have been taken in this direction to allow directors, as much as possible, to program their works on digital platforms. Thus, several national and international festivals have tried, each on their own, to adapt to this crisis situation and find the necessary solutions, deeming it more opportune to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the virtual world than to give up their plans. Pending a speedy return to normalcy, several events were organized in this perspective, subtly mixing virtual and face-to-face programs.

Unfortunately, even today, the health situation remains unstable and even worrying. This requires everyone to adapt to this sad reality and remedy it with the means available.

In this context, we have decided, in consultation with our close partners, to organize a 26th reduced edition and in digital mode from June 4th to June 10th of 2021 in which the main sections will, of course, be maintained: Competitions (Fiction feature films and Documentaries), White Card FIPRECI and Coup de cœur program.

The Festival offers its audience direct access to films scheduled for the 2021 edition. These films will be available on the FESTIVAL SCOPE platform.

We invite cinema lovers to visit our new website where they will find all the information concerning thescreenings and the cultural program.

Our hope is that things will quickly go back to normal and that we will be able to organize the 27th edition under better conditions. In the meantime, we continue to work to make the distance that separates us more accessible and rich in fruitful exchanges and productive sharing.