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of the festival




A festival carrying hope!


This 22nd edition of the IFMCT is organized at a time when the mare nostrum is diagnosed with all the diseases of the century: Economic and identity crisis, wars and terrorism, massive migrations and xenophobia.


The Mediterranean populations can no longer see themselves neither in their sense of belonging nor their convictions. However, in response to those dramas and profound changes, the Cinema remains not only as a mean of entertainment and culturing, but also and above all as a media that facilitates the encounters and the conviviality, the feel for sharing and the solidarity, the awareness and the mutual openness. This International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema is also a warming sun that illuminates the darkness of our everyday lives, bringing to Tetouan and to the cinephiles a generous breath of fresh air. Eight days of celebrating Cinema, all genres included, in which directors, professionals, the public and

the students meet to discover and to appreciate unique masterpieces.


Since 30 years (and 22 editions), the FICMT has become the major annual meeting and brings, at each edition, more and more professionals of the 7th art, Cinema lovers and journalists to meet up over the movies, the conferences, the round tables, the workshops and the master classes. It’s also the occasion for the public to meet their favorite celebrities, to debate with the directors and the critics about current topics transposed on the big screen by filmmakers who are concerned about being the messengers of their fellow citizens.


The movie theaters (Avenida, Teatro Espagnol, Institut Français) and the different other sites (INBA premises, the Cultural Center and the hotels) become, throughout a whole week, places of discoveries and debates.


The scheduling of this edition, considering the fast transformations that the different countries of the two shores of the Mediterranean live, will be very diversified, reflecting the rich and creative spirit of the Mediterranean filmmakers: hundreds of projections, three competitions dedicated to recent movies, all genres included, tributes made to leading figures of this so particular cinema, school actions for the teachers and the students, an inspiring cultural program constituted of a seminar “When the cinema tells about the Mediterranean drama”, a round table “ The Moroccan cinema and the problem of language” and an encounter about the cinema of A.Téchiné “André Techin: a protean cineaste”


The objective, inter alia, of the IFMCT is to bring value and to promote new Mediterranean cinematographic works, carriers of universally recognized themes and human values, but also to contribute to the evolution and the knowledge of the cinematographic language.


Besides its faithful public, the Festival is supported by important public and private partners. We would like to thank them for their commitments to support this cinematic event in its mission of discovering and revealing innovative, original and free work of art.


The regional, national and Mediterranean media follow, since the first editions, the transformations and the evolution of this big festival and reward it by writing articles and reports that show its richness and importance in the local and national cultural landscape, its reputation beyond our borders and its impact on the education of the young generations.


Whilst continuing to discover the most original and the most innovative cinematography, the FICTM promises all the 7th art lovers unforgettable moments where the Mediterranean cinema will be the guest of honor.




Fondation du festival


President of the foundation:


- M. Ahmed EL Housni


Members of the Administrative Board:


-The Ministry of Communication

-The Ministry of Culture

-The Wilaya of the region Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima

-The regional council of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima

-The council of the province of Tetouan

-The agency for the promotion and the development of the northern provinces

-The urban council of the city of Tetouan

-Moroccan Chamber of film producers

-Moroccan Chamber of writers and directors

-Mohamed Arbi Messari committee for the support of the Festival.





-Amis du cinema de Tétouan association, founders of the festival.


Mohamed Boueissef Rekab

President of the festival’s foundation

Vice President



Nourddine Bendriss

Abdellatif Bazi

Director of the Festival

Deputy Director



Driss Skaika

Sara Regragui

Abdelkrim Ouazzani

Chief Financial Officer

Deputy Financial Director

Artistic Delegate





Ali Sekkaki

Mokhles Skheir

Rachid Barhoun

Nourddine Boulghoudan

Cultural advisor

Communication and press relations officer

Translation, events facilitator

Publications assistant, events facilitator

Rachid Benyaagoub

Fatima Zohra Rghioui

Mohammed Hani

Design and graphic realization

Catalog, events facilitator

Communication and accreditation

■ Avenida, the official venue

Founded in 1945, renovated in 1996, 1100 places,

screen: 13.40-5.70, 35mm Victoria 8, equipped with DCP 4K sound Dolby



■ Cinéma Teatro Espagnol

Founded in 1916, renovated in 2000, 1100 places,

screen: 9.20-4.70, 35 mm Victoria 5, equipped with DCP 4K sound Dolby



■ Institut français de Tétouan

Founded in 1985, renovated in 1990, 105 places

Screen: 9 m – 4 m, 35 mm Cinémacanica, equipped with DCP  2K  sound Dolby



■ Maison de la culture

Founded in 1980, renovated in 2003, 400 places

Screen: 9 m – 4 m, 35/ 16 mm Kinoton FP 20, mono/stéréo




■ Projection room of the Institut Cervantes

Renovated in 2000, 100 places




■ Institut national des Beaux-Arts

Festival administration – internships- press office- round tables-movie debates

9 prizes will reward the competing films of the two sections.

 - Feature-length


The Grand Prize of the city of Tetouan                                                     70 000,00 dhs

Mohamed Reggab prize, special Jury                                                     30 000,00 dhs

Azzedine Meddour prize for the first work                                                25 000,00 dhs

Best male actor prize                                                                                  15 000.00 dhs

Best actress prize                                                                                        15 000.00 dhs

Musthapha Mesnaoui prize, critic’s prize                                                20 000.00 dhs




- Documentary


Grand prize of the city of Tetouan                                                             40 000,00 dhs

Special Jury prize                                                                                        20 000,00 dhs

First work prize                                                                                            15 000,00 dhs


The Festival of Mediterranean Cinema of Tetouan

Immeuble de l’Institut National des Beaux-arts Cité scolaire, avenue Mohamed V

BP 10 – 93000 Tétouan / MAROC

Tél/Fax : +212 5 39 70 02 10