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Prize list of the 24rd edition

Feature-length and Documentaries competition


The two competitions of the 24rd edition of the Med Cinema Festival of Tetouan have been distinguished by the projection of films premieres. 20 films (feature-length and Documentaries) were in competition for the 9 prizes and 9 trophies awarded by the Festival.

Three juries (Feature-length, Documentaries and Critic’s jury), composed of academics and critics, were responsible of choosing 9 winners (films, actresses and actors).

The prize list was welcomed by the journalists, the guests and the public. It was as follows:


Tamouda award

The Grand Prix of the city


de Dora Masklavanou (Grèce)

Mohamed Rekkab award

Jury’s special award


de Bojan Vuletic

(Serbie, Bulgarie, Macédoine, Russie, France)

Azzeddine Meddour award

first work award

Scary Mother

d'Ana Urushadze

(Géorgie, Estonie)

Best Actress award


Luisa Ranieri

dans le film

Veleno de Diego Olivares


Best Actor Award

Mohammed Bacri

dans le film

Wajib d'Annemarie Jacir


Feature-length Prize List

Mustapha Mesnaoui award

Critic’s award

awarded by Groupe Akher Saa


de Bojan Vuletic

(Serbie, Bulgarie, Macédoine, Russie, France)

Documentaries prize list

The Grand Prix of the city

Jury’s special award

First work award

House in the Fields

de Tala Hadid

(Maroc, Qatar, France)



d’Emiliano Dante


 Colis suspect

  de Sophia Català et Rosa Perez

( Espagne)

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