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The International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema of Tetouan


Immeuble de l’Institut National des Beaux-arts

Cité scolaire, avenue Mohamed V

BP 10 – 93000 Tétouan / MAROC

Tél/Fax : +212 5 39 70 02 10


New organizational chart for the foundation MFFT Download Press release

New organizational chart for the foundation of  the Mediterranean Film Festival of Tetouan in the light of the organization of the coming edition of the Festival


The Administrative Board of the Foundation of the Mediterranean Film Festival of Tetouan held its 16th edition on Friday, December 15, 2017 in Tetouan in order to meet the new challenges and achieve its high ambitions for the coming edition taking place from 25 to 31 March 2018.

With the full board present, the meeting began with the speech of Mr. Ahmed Hosni, the President of the Foundation, who thanked all the attendees ....

Assessment of the 23rd edition Download Assessment of the 23rd edition

The 23rd edition of the Med Cine Festival of Tetouan by


For its 23rd edition, the festival was attended by approximately 10 500 spectators (all ages and both genders included), along with the spectators of the big screen that has been set up in Feddan square and Moulay Mehdi Square, from March 25th till April 1st, 2017.

This number was reached thanks, on one hand, to the 400 educational passes that have been offered to the students of the ENA, the faculty of science, the polydisciplinary university and the INBA. In addition, 900 adherent cards were distributed to the adults and 2400 tickets were offered to the primary school and high school students.

The numbers are distributed as follows:

- 10 500 cinema admissions.

- 400 high school students have attended during 6 days, from March 26th till March 31st.

- 2400 (400 x 6 days) children, 8 to 10 years old, have watched 6 animation films.

- 190 official guests including 90 from 13 Mediterranean countries.

- 60 journalists, including national televisions (2M, Al Oula, Medi )

- 59 programmed films, 6 animation films and one concert-film, 8 films presented as part of the tributes, 2 as part of the Retrospective and 4 Chinese films within the program “A must-see”

- 3 juries (Feature-length films, documentary and critic’s jury)

- 13 countries representing the Mediterranean

- 4 tributes (2 Moroccans, a Spanish and an Egyptian)

- The guest of Honor, the Moroccan singer Abdelwahab Doukkali

- 1 international colloquium

- 3 meetings (2 round-tables and one meeting)

- Two Forums: Films commission and Mediterranean schools and institutes of Cinema.

- 8 workshops: (Primary school, high school and university students) : Sidi Driss and Asida Amina, Kaddy Ayyad high school , Hassan II high school, Abi Bakr Seddik high school, Ibnou Sina secondary school, Anoual Secondary school, the ENS, ENA, CRMEF, Faculty of sciences and the INBA.

- 24 debates over the programmed films.

- 12 prices and 12 trophies awarded within the 2 competitions: Feature-length films and documentaries.



Done in Tetouan, April 6th, 2017

Prize list of the 23rd edition Download Prize list of the 23rd edition

Feature-length and Documentaries competition


The two competitions of the 23rd edition of the Med Cinema Festival of Tetouan have been distinguished by the projection of films premieres. 24 films (feature-length and Documentaries) were in competition for the 12 prizes and 12 trophies awarded by the Festival.

Three juries (Feature-length, Documentaries and Critic’s jury), composed of academics and critics, were responsible of choosing 12 winners (films, actresses and actors).

The prize list was welcomed by the journalists, the guests and the public. It was as follows:


Tamouda award

The Grand Prix of the city


by Edoardo De Angelis


Mohamed Rekkab award

Jury’s special award


by Ralitza Petrova

(Bulgaria-Denmark-France )

Azzeddine Meddour award

first work award

A Good Wife

by Mirjana Karanovi


Best Actress award

Prize awarded by TV5 Monde

 Carmen Machi

La puerta abierta

by  Marina Seresski (Spain)

Best Actor Award

 Amr Saad


by  Magdi Ahmed Ali


Special mention

Headbang Lullaby

by Hicham Lasri



by Sofia Exarchou

(Greece - Polonia )

Feature-length Prize List

Mustapha Mesnaoui award

Critic’s award

awarded by Groupe Akher Saa


by Ralitza Petrova

(Bulgaria, Denmark, France)

Documentaries prize list

The Grand Prix of the city

Jury’s special award

First work award

Special mention

La terre abandonnée

by Gil Laurent


Mayal Ya Ghazal

by Jocelyne Abi Gebrayel (Lebanon)

Islam pour mémoire

by Bénédicte Pagnot (France)

Islam pour mémoire

by Bénédicte Pagnot (France)


24 films in competition for the Tamouda d’Or award at the International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema of Tetouan.

Twelve feature-length film, belonging to the fifteen countries of the Mediterranean, are in competition for the grand prize Tamouda d’Or of Tetouan’s Cinema Festival. They are also in competition for: jury special prize Mohamed Reggab, first work prize Azzedine Meddour, best female actress prize, best male actor prize and the critics prize Mustapha Messnaoui.


In the documentary category, twelve films are nominated for the Tamouda d’Or prize, special jury prize and the first work prize.

Presidents of the juries of the 23rd edition of the IFMCT 2017

The International Festival of Cinema of Tetouan organizes a colloquium on the theme of the borders in the Mediterranean Cinema

The IFMCT organizes, at the occasion of its 23rd edition which is taking place from March 25th to April 1st,2017, a colloquium on the “The representation of the borders in the Mediterranean cinema”

Well renowned critics and searchers will participate in this colloquium: The French critic François Jost, the Lebanese searcher and author Rachid El-Daïf, the Palestinan writer Liana Badr, the French searcher Jean Cled, the Egyptian critic Amir Amry and the Italian writer and journalist Patricia Fiorentino.

Those participants will analyze, in the basis of Spanish, French and Italian productions, several axes such as « The borders and the illegal immigration”, “the image of the immigrant in the European cinema”. “Borders and conflicts” and “The borders in the Palestinian cinema” will be discussed.

François Jost


Rachid Daif


Jean Cléder


Patricia Fiorentino


Lyana Abd Rabou


Amir Amry


Mohammed Ennaji


Carlos Esbert

Del Moral



M. Noureddine affaya


The festival of Tetouan invites the Mediterranean schools and cinema institutions and opens up to the schools and universities.

The International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema of Tetouan, which is taking place from March,25th to April 1st, 2017, invites, for its 23rd edition, schools and institutes of Cinema coming from the four corners of the Mediterranean. The main objective is to get inspired from the experiences of those institutions who were capable of integrating the cinema in the schools and universities’ programs. Devoted to its approach, the festival accords a prominent place to the schools, at all levels, in order to popularize the understanding of the cinematographic language in our country.

At the festival school
Guest of the Mediterranean

In partnership with the regional council of Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hocema, the Chinese cinema is the guest of honor of the 23rd edition of the International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema of Tetouan.

The Chinese Cinema is to be honored during the 23rd edition of the International Festival of the Mediterranean Cinema of Tétouan. This special event reflects the solid ties that link the Regional Council of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima and the Republic of China that has recently launched very promising economic, logistic and scientific projects in the region.